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Don Corleone Brand

Don Corleone
Organic Vodka

Don Corleone “Gold” Vodka is certified organic, distilled from grain, quadrupled distilled and made from the finest quality spirits and spring water from the Italian Alps.

The wheat used to produce Don Corleone “Gold” Vodka comes from soft grains, such as the Italian Bolero and Pandas varieties, that grow in the Piedmont Region of North-West Italy. Soft grains are preferred over hard grains as they are richer in Type A starch. Type A starch converts itself into a pure form of sucrose, which creates a cleaner, smoother alcohol after distillation.

The quality of the water is key to obtaining a perfect spirit. We add only the purest water from a spring in the nearby Alps above our distillery. Our vodka is then quadrupled distilled.
Finally, Don Corleone “Gold” Vodka is filtered through charcoal and natural carbonates. This filtration cleans and stabilizes the spirit to ensure its smooth character. Before the bottling process, we filter our vodka one last time through cellulose panels.

Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Size: 750 ml
Country of Origin: Italy DISTILLERY LOCATION: Ghemme, Italy

Don Corleone Brand VODKA, a Product of Italy. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY.

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Don Corleone Brand

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